(includes UNESCO World Heritage Sites!)

The Princess SISSI Tour is a two-day trip to the Italian places loved by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Habsburg known as Sissi. In Trieste, the presence of Princess Sissi can be felt in every room of the wonderful Miramare Castle where she used to visit her cousin Prince Maximilian and his beloved wife Carlotta.

It will be an immersive journey to her favourite places and her preferred hobbies such as horse riding. Visit the magical Lipiza, where they have been breeding horses for centuries (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which have always been the imperial equestrian species of Vienna and Princess Sissi!

1st DAY

9 am
Departure from P.le Roma with private bus to Lipiza via Trieste

10.45 am
Arrival in Lipiza

At 11.00 am
You will watch the show of the Lipizani horses with their riders. The Lipizani horses are, since 2020, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as is the territory of Lipiza.

After a short coffee break, you will personally experience the magic of the Lipizani horses by taking a carriage ride through the splendid estates among the century-old oaks nestled among the herds of horses, or you can ride a Lipizano horse yourself..

After seeing the whole stud farm, one of the oldest in the world and the largest in the world of Lipizani horses, we return to Trieste for lunch in the Gran Hotel Savoia, the most princely in the whole city with a sea view, located a stone's throw from the beautiful Piazza Unità d'Italia.

Here, after lunch, you will have a moment of relaxation to arrange your luggage in your room for an overnight stay in this splendid building and to change your clothes for the royal visit in the afternoon!

3.00 pm
Visit to the MIRAMARE CASTLE whose naturalistic area immersed in a centuries-old botanical park is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Admiring the sunset over the sea from the many terraces overlooking the castle cliffs is a truly breathtaking view! It is a tremendously atmospheric palace whose construction Prince Max had followed in detail both internally and in the botanical park which houses plants from all over the world.

For dinner you will be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful Piazza Unità d'Italia, in an evocative and typical restaurant dedicated to the Princes Max and Sissi, The Lapuziner Keller, that offers typical Bavarian cuisine; it will be like staying at Sissi's house in Posenofen! Overnight at the Gran Hotel Savoia.

2nd DAY

After breakfast, departure is at 9.00 in the direction of Castello di Duino. The walk that leads from Miramare Castle to Duino Castle (both facing the sea overlooking the cliffs) was praised by the great poet Rilke who was a guest at Duino Castle of the Thurn und Taxis princes; here he composed the Duino Elegies.

It's a romantic and beautiful walk of only about 25 minutes. If you wish, you can get to the castle along the Rilke path, otherwise the bus will take you directly to the entrance of Duino Castle.

After visiting the castle, you can continue to admire the sea view as far as the eye can see during lunch at the panoramic restaurant "Le Terrazze" at the small port of Grignano.

After lunch, return to Venice.

Together with the other participants, the guide, the escorts of the staff of The Venice Debutante Grand Ball, our photographer and videographer will be with you to make every moment a video and souvenir photo for everyone.

All transfers will be by private bus.

PRINCESS SISSI TOURS: € 950 (includes everything described in the programme)

The minimum number of members to activate the tour is 12 people.

(includes 2 UNESCO sites!)

The almost 5000 Venetian Villas are an architectural reality of absolute excellence in Italy and in the world. Their beauty and perfect formal balance have created models of architecture for centuries, such as the best-known example of the White House, inspired by the Villa Rotonda in Vicenza. The architect who designed them, effectively creating his own distinct style that has become famous and unmistakable, is Andrea Palladio, the absolute genius of 16th century architecture.

The Palladian Villas were the luxurious summer abodes of the noble and wealthy families of Venice who went on holiday to their summer residences/companies by boat (tracing the Brenta River) or by carriage. Some of these are National Museums, others UNESCO sites.

You will visit the four most beautiful and important Venetian Villas, representing the four Venetian provinces in which the Venetian Villas are located: Venice, Padua, Vicenza, and Treviso: all dream locations.

Here are the Magic Four!

1st DAY

9.30 am
Departure by private bus from P.le Roma

Approximately 10.10 am
Arrival at the VILLA ROTONDA by Andrea Palladio in the Province of Vicenza. The Villa Rotonda is like the whole historic centre of Vicenza: a UNESCO heritage site.

Visit to the Villa.

11.30 am
As Villa Rotonda is but a stone's throw from the center of beautiful Vicenza, we take the opportunity to show you a musical jewel and an Italian Guinness World Record holder: the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, also created by Andrea Palladio: it is the oldest indoor theatre in the world!

You will be able to admire its interiors, the perspective of the wings and feel the perfection of the acoustics while listening to a short 10-minute show of Vivaldi's music played live for you.

After the visit to the Teatro Olimpico you will arrive by private bus at VILLA MASER, a UNESCO heritage site in the province of Treviso.

You will have lunch in the typical trattoria / restaurant inside the Villa, which presents a menu with tasting of the wines of the property and will be different for each course.

After lunch you can visit the splendid Villa, its pictorial cycle by the painter Veronese, carriage museum and park.

At the end of the visit, after a short transfer by private bus, you will arrive at Villa Franceschi in the province of Venice which is part of the Relais & Chateaux circuit. It is the Villa chosen by VIPs such as George Clooney and other celebrities for their stays in Venice.

Here you can enjoy a little relaxation, arrange your luggage in the room for the overnight stay in the Villa, and go down for dinner. which will be in the restaurant of Villa Franceschi.

2nd DAY

Departure at 9.30, after breakfast, for VILLA CONTARINI in Piazzola sul Brenta in the province of Padua. Sumptuous, and with a 40-hectare park, it is one of the most impressive Venetian Villas.

After the visit, lunch will be at Villa Ducale in Dolo in the province of Venice. And nearby, after lunch, you will see the latest marvel: VILLA STRA PISANI, the only one of the almost 5,000 Venetian villas to be a National Museum.

In this Villa, at the end of the tour, you can participate in the maze game like in the Harry Potter films! Yes, a real labyrinth: large, with green hedges, created by the master of the garden, to entertain the owners and their friends during their stay in the Villa!

At the end of the afternoon, the return to Venice completes your experience.

Together with the other participants, the guide, the escorts of the staff of The Venice Debutante Grand Ball, our photographer and videographer will be with you to make video and souvenir photos for everyone.

All transfers will be by private bus.

PALLADIUM EXPERIENCE € 950 (includes everything described in the programme)

The minimum number of members to activate the tour is 12 people.

(UNESCO HERITAGE site and Italian Guinness in the world)

Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also the cradle where the first film festival in the world was born: the Venice Lido. Created for the first time in 1932, from an idea of the then President of the Biennale, Giuseppe Volpi, the sculptor Antonio Maraini and Luciano de Feo, the exhibition immediately gained great popularity, so much so that it became an annual event as early as 1935.

Since then, it has always been the coveted destination of directors, stars, new talent, presentations of world premieres and career award winners of international cinema!

We will take you to the Film Festival locations and to the photographic set of the Hotel Excelsior and the Lido di Venezia beach where you’ll be able to experience a dream day and be featured by the official photographer for a book of your own!

Departure by private boat from San Marco Basin at 9.30 in the direction of Lido di Venezia, entrance to the Venice Film Festival, and visit of the Great Congress Hall where the Festival takes place.

Arrival at the Hotel Excelsior, where all the celebrities usually stay and where all the film presentation interviews are held.

The hotel is, together with the Danieli Hotel, the most iconic in all Venice; it has always hosted the stars of world cinema. Its seafront view makes it a perfect location to take a first cycle of photos on the beach, as the famous Godmothers of the Film Festival do every year.

After the photo shoot on the beach, you can delight yourself with lunch served on the panoramic terrace or, if the weather is uncertain, in the internal rooms of the restaurant of the Hotel Excelsior.

After lunch, the personalised photo shoot will continue in the most eye-catching points of the interior of the Hotel Excelsior until late afternoon.

AAt the end of the photo sessions, our private boat will take you to the Gran Hotel Danieli to conclude the evening with a dinner on the panoramic terrace, the most beautiful and evocative rooftop in all Venice.

To continue dreaming in the place where great characters who have made the history of the world of cinema, art, entertainment, and politics, have lived unforgettable love stories!

Together with the other participants, the guide will be with you to tell you anecdotes about the location and the celebrities who have stayed there, the companions of the staff of The Venice Debutante Grand Ball, our photographer and videographer to make every moment the video and souvenir photos for everyone and your personal photo book.

All transfers will be by private boat.

MY MOVIE STAR DAY: € 850 (includes everything described in the programme)

The minimum number of members to activate the tour is 12 people.

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